The Start
Franz Joseph Haydn, one of the most outstanding composers of the classical period, was known for the humorous and the warmhearted temperament. His contributions in music transcended through time and culture, which strengthen our beliefs in creating a brand based on his prominence. Dance, different than most technology products dominating in masculinity and toughness, presents a neutral warmness and dynamic.
Salute to Haydn and our beliefs in dance, Hydance was born.
To further enhance the vitality of Hydance, our logo was design to combine “H” the initial letter of Haydn, and “Y” resembling a gymnastic handstand.

Our commitment 
With humanity in mind, we are committed to deliver warmth and transformed technologies into heart-touching and life-vibrating products.
We position ourselves as your friend who listens to your every need, and as your family who provides protection and convenience in life. We promise to pursue innovation restlessly, to never give up on improvement, and to look forward in building a trustful relationship with you.